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Looking to rehome quite a bit of OC's that I've collected over time and just couldn't connect with. 

What I'm primarily looking for:
* Points 
* Art Trades

You can haggle for lower prices but please keep it at a reasonable amount ^^;

Files have been screencapped so if you want a closer look at their files, note me!

They're grouped in folders corresponding to their price range; those in the 'trade' folder are FOR TRADE ONLY.
Each adopt has the original artist/creator listed with it so please, if you can, contact them so they can update the ownership status. 
Hey guys, go check out this cutie up for grabs~
So, I've got some adopts that I'm just about done lining. Would anyone like to help color them?
If interested, please note me some examples of past art/ adopts you have done :3
I'm back home and slowly getting back into my old flow.
Will start getting things back up and running within the next few days ^ v^
Hello all!

Just wanted to give a heads up that I will be going overseas for the duration of this week.
May you lovelies have a wonderful week!
The internet issue has been resolved!
Hope to have some adopts up within the next few days so you'll have something to look forward to ^ u^;
Welp looks like I will be communicating via cell phone for the time being.
Won't be able to upload or download for a bit till problem gets fixed.
Hi guys! Check out this little bab by :iconlittle-northernlight:.

If you can, please spread the word > w<!
Hope she finds a good home ; w;
Looking to see if anyone is interested in trading some points (anywhere from 400 - 800) for cash equivalent?
If interested please feel free to note me . w.
Hey ya'll it's me with yet another raffle again ^u^!

Please check out :iconrpadopts: journal entry on their latest raffle :3

I've seen a few mentions of this so called Poster website; users were warning artists that they found art, belonging to them, being sold on the site.
Guys! Please be very careful if you ever decide to check the website to see if your art has been posted on there.
As :iconkariosa-adopts: has pointed out, it most likely is a phishing site!…

If you can, please spread the word!
Here's yet another awesome giveaway raffle held by :iconbanannumon:.
Check it out~!…
Check out :icongr1ma:'s raffle of $500/40,000points for your chance to win . w. :…
Entering another awesome artist's raffle = // w/= )
You should check them out ' w'!
Check out the latest raffle from :iconcroum:…
Check out the latest raffle from :iconcroum:…
Check out the latest raffle from :iconcroum:…
I'm trying out for this awesome contest; feel free to try it out yourselves :D!…
Raffle ENDED - AUCTION CLOSED by Yuu-adoptables
Hoping to get my hands on either #2 or a custom. Her art is soooo cute >u<~!